ABS is an extruded thermoplastic sheet, which can be basically described as an alloy of acrylic, butadiene (rubber modifiers) and Styrene. It has excellent toughness, rigidity, thermoforming and impact resistance, thus making it ideal for a wide range of transportation, recreational and industrial applications.

Product Range:

ABS is available in a variety of specialty blends including, UV, high heat and flame retardant grades. This data refers to a general purpose (GP) grade, which is available in a variety of standard sheet sizes and thicknesses. Special run to size configurations are available, which are subject to minimum order quantities.

Colours, Finishes & Handling:

Ex stock colours include black and white in standard finishes of gloss, hair cell, leather grain and embossed. Special colours are available subject to minimum order quantities.

As ABS tends to absorb some moisture, it is important to keep all stock covered and stored in a cool, low humidity area. Pre drying prior to thermoforming may be required.

Product Features:

  • Excellent thermoforming characteristics
  • High impact strength
  • Retainment of properties over a wide temperature range
  • Mould and mildew resistant
  • Very low water absorption

Typical Applications:


  • Rear window louvers
  • battery trays
  • seat backs and arm rests
  • formed automotive components
  • tractor and Ute canopies


  • Luggage and brief case exteriors
  • bicycle helmets
  • vacuum formed toy components


  • Cool room and refrigerator panels and linings
  • air conditioning ducts
  • fan housings