All-Type Plastic Fabrication introduced itself to the fabrication market as a successful company with its experience and skilled manufacturing techniques. Founded by its Director Larry Daniele who is no stranger to the plastics industry. The birth of this Australian owned company has made a significant impact to the fabrication sector as a strong competitor facing the future, servicing a demanding and increasing market.

All-Type Plastic Fabrication has a support base of over twenty five years experience in the Plastics Industry alone, a building background with qualifications in Fabrication Techniques, Advanced Thermoforming and Industrial Welding. Its Management team provide years of skill and knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm to develop All-Type Plastic Fabrication as the new boom to “The One Stop Plastic Fabrication Shop”.

Located in the heart of the Acacia Ridge industrial community, our service to the broader Australian market has increased our exposure abroad. This is a true testament to the skilled network of our manufacturing team whose sole purpose is to supply a product that ensures customer satisfaction.

All-Type Plastic Fabrication is involved in a specialised and unique industry which includes Acrylic Display and Plastic Fabrication. Plastic in general is an interesting and progressive product where new technology, techniques and plastic sub-straights are being developed on a daily basis. Plastic is taking over the more traditional products such as glass, timber and steel. Markets being serviced by All-Type Plastic Fabrication include retail, wholesale and a variety of manufacturing bases including engineering, industrial, shop fitting, signage, lighting, mining and agricultural.